Bus Schedule


Volvo buses operated by Haryana Roadways run on Chandigarh-Delhi-IGI Airport-Gurgaon route.Delhi to Chandigarh Volvo buses operate on the same route. Volvo buses offer a great alternative to Shatabdi train which used to be the favourite among commuters a few years ago. The comfortable journey in a Volvo from Chandigarh to Delhi has made it high demanding bus service. Since Volvo’s point of origin is ISBT Sector 17, one doesn’t have to travel to the outskirts of the city to catch the Shatabdi.


S. No.DestinationBus ServiceDeparture
1DelhiHaryana Roadways0:05 hrs
2DelhiHaryana Roadways1:00 hrs
3DelhiHaryana Roadways2:40 hrs
4DelhiHaryana Roadways4:30 hrs
5DelhiHaryana Roadways5:00 hrs
6DelhiHaryana Roadways6:00 hrs
7DelhiHaryana Roadways6:20 hrs
8DelhiHaryana Roadways6:40 hrs
9DelhiHaryana Roadways7:20 hrs
10DelhiHaryana Roadways9:00 hrs
11DelhiHaryana Roadways9:15 hrs
12DelhiHaryana Roadways10:30 hrs
13DelhiHaryana Roadways11:00 hrs
14DelhiHaryana Roadways11:50 hrs
15DelhiHaryana Roadways12:10 hrs
16DelhiHaryana Roadways13:10 hrs
17DelhiHaryana Roadways14:00 hrs
18DelhiHaryana Roadways14:20 hrs
19DelhiHaryana Roadways14:40 hrs
20DelhiHaryana Roadways15:00 hrs
21DelhiHaryana Roadways16:00 hrs
22DelhiHaryana Roadways17:00 hrs
23DelhiHaryana Roadways17:30 hrs
24DelhiHaryana Roadways18:30 hrs
25DelhiHaryana Roadways19:00 hrs
26DelhiHaryana Roadways20:00 hrs
27DelhiHaryana Roadways20:30 hrs
28DelhiHaryana Roadways21:30 hrs
29DelhiHaryana Roadways22:00 hrs
30DelhiHaryana Roadways22:15 hrs
31DelhiHaryana Roadways23:15 hrs
32DelhiHaryana Roadways23:30 hrs
33DelhiPunjab Roadways7:40 hrs
34DelhiPunjab Roadways8:10 hrs
35DelhiPunjab Roadways8:40 hrs
36DelhiPunjab Roadways9:35 hrs
37DelhiPunjab Roadways11:20 hrs
38DelhiPunjab Roadways11:35 hrs
39DelhiPunjab Roadways13:40 hrs
40DelhiPunjab Roadways16:20 hrs
41DelhiPunjab Roadways16:35 hrs
42DelhiPunjab Roadways17:50 hrs
43DelhiPunjab Roadways18:15 hrs
44DelhiPunjab Roadways21:00 hrs
45GurgaonHaryana Roadways0:05 hrs
46GurgaonHaryana Roadways1:00 hrs
47GurgaonHaryana Roadways2:40 hrs
48GurgaonHaryana Roadways4:30 hrs
49GurgaonHaryana Roadways6:20 hrs
50GurgaonHaryana Roadways6:40 hrs
51GurgaonHaryana Roadways9:00 hrs
52GurgaonHaryana Roadways9:15 hrs
53GurgaonHaryana Roadways11:50 hrs
54GurgaonHaryana Roadways12:10 hrs
55GurgaonHaryana Roadways14:00 hrs
56GurgaonHaryana Roadways14:40 hrs
57GurgaonHaryana Roadways15:00 hrs
58GurgaonHaryana Roadways16:00 hrs
59GurgaonHaryana Roadways17:00 hrs
60GurgaonHaryana Roadways18:30 hrs
61GurgaonHaryana Roadways20:00 hrs
62GurgaonHaryana Roadways20:30 hrs
63GurgaonHaryana Roadways21:30 hrs
64GurgaonHaryana Roadways 22:15 hrs
65GurgaonHaryana Roadways23:15 hrs
66GurgaonHaryana Roadways23:30 hrs
67DehradunUttarakhand Transport Corporation14:25 hrs
68DehradunUttarakhand Transport Corporation18:10 hrs
69HaldwaniUttarakhand Transport Corporation18:10 hrs


S. No.DestinationBus ServiceDeparture
1DelhiHaryana Roadways12:05 AM
2DelhiHaryana Roadways3:05 AM
3DelhiHaryana Roadways4:30 AM
4DelhiHaryana Roadways4:36 AM
5DelhiHaryana Roadways5:00 AM
6DelhiHaryana Roadways6:20 AM
7DelhiHaryana Roadways7:20 AM
8DelhiHaryana Roadways8:30 AM
9DelhiHaryana Roadways8:45 AM
10DelhiHaryana Roadways8:50 AM
11DelhiHaryana Roadways8:55 AM
12DelhiHaryana Roadways9:20 AM
13DelhiHaryana Roadways10:15 AM
14DelhiHaryana Roadways10:28 AM
15DelhiHaryana Roadways10:40 AM
16DelhiHaryana Roadways10:52 AM
17DelhiHaryana Roadways11:08 AM
18DelhiHaryana Roadways11:12 AM
19DelhiHaryana Roadways11:30 AM
20DelhiHaryana Roadways12:04 PM
21DelhiHaryana Roadways12:16 PM
22DelhiHaryana Roadways12:20 PM
23DelhiHaryana Roadways12:24 PM
24DelhiHaryana Roadways12:28 PM
25DelhiHaryana Roadways12:32 PM
26DelhiHaryana Roadways12:40 PM
27DelhiHaryana Roadways12:48 PM
28DelhiHaryana Roadways13:00 PM
29DelhiHaryana Roadways13:04 PM
30DelhiHaryana Roadways13:08 PM
31DelhiHaryana Roadways13:12 PM
32DelhiHaryana Roadways13:16 PM
33DelhiHaryana Roadways13:20 PM
34DelhiHaryana Roadways13:28 PM
35DelhiHaryana Roadways13:32 PM
36DelhiHaryana Roadways13:36 PM
37DelhiHaryana Roadways13:40 PM
38DelhiHaryana Roadways13:44 PM
39DelhiHaryana Roadways13:48 PM
40DelhiHaryana Roadways13:52 PM
41DelhiHaryana Roadways13:56 PM
42DelhiHaryana Roadways14:00 PM
43DelhiHaryana Roadways14:20 PM
44DelhiHaryana Roadways14:24 PM
45DelhiHaryana Roadways14:36 PM
46DelhiHaryana Roadways14:56 PM
47DelhiHaryana Roadways15:12 PM
48DelhiHaryana Roadways15:18 PM
49DelhiHaryana Roadways15:24 PM
50DelhiHaryana Roadways15:30 PM
51DelhiHaryana Roadways15:54 PM
52DelhiHaryana Roadways16:04 PM
53DelhiHaryana Roadways16:16 PM
54DelhiHaryana Roadways16:32 PM
55DelhiHaryana Roadways16:46 PM
56DelhiHaryana Roadways17:08 PM
57DelhiHaryana Roadways17:20 PM
58DelhiHaryana Roadways18:28 PM
59DelhiHaryana Roadways18:44 PM
60DelhiHaryana Roadways19:00 PM
61DelhiHaryana Roadways19:28 PM
62DelhiHaryana Roadways19:28 PM
63DelhiHaryana Roadways19:44 PM
64DelhiHaryana Roadways20:07 PM
65DelhiHaryana Roadways20:36 PM
66DelhiHaryana Roadways20:44 PM
67DelhiHaryana Roadways21:30 PM
68DelhiHaryana Roadways21:45 PM
69DelhiHaryana Roadways22:00 PM
70DelhiHaryana Roadways22:15 PM
71DelhiHaryana Roadways22:40 PM
72DelhiHaryana Roadways23:00 PM
73DharamshalaHaryana Roadways9:40 AM
74GurgaonHaryana Roadways3:05 AM
75GurgaonHaryana Roadways10:52 AM
76GurgaonHaryana Roadways11:12 AM
77GurgaonHaryana Roadways12:04 PM
78GurgaonHaryana Roadways12:20 PM
79GurgaonHaryana Roadways13:36 PM
80GurgaonHaryana Roadways13:48 PM
81GurgaonHaryana Roadways16:04 PM
82GurgaonHaryana Roadways17:08 PM
83GurgaonHaryana Roadways18:44 PM
84GurgaonHaryana Roadways19:44 PM
85JaipurHaryana Roadways 16:00 PM
86 Jammu KatraHaryana Roadways 07:10 AM
87ManaliHaryana Roadways 21:20 PM
88ShimlaHaryana Roadways 05:10 AM
89ShimlaHaryana Roadways 06:00 AM
90ShimlaHaryana Roadways 07:36 AM
91ShimlaHaryana Roadways 09:48 AM
92ShimlaHaryana Roadways 09:50 AM
93ShimlaHaryana Roadways11:08 AM
94ShimlaHaryana Roadways 12:42 PM
95ShimlaHaryana Roadways14:12 PM
96ShimlaHaryana Roadways16:10 PM
97ShimlaHaryana Roadways16:15 PM
98ShimlaHaryana Roadways 16:40 PM
99ShimlaHaryana Roadways17:35 PM
100ShimlaHaryana Roadways 21:20 PM
101RishikeshHaryana Roadways 10:45 AM
102RishikeshHaryana Roadways 20:00 PM
103RishikeshHaryana Roadways 20:30 PM
104DelhiChandigarh Transport Undertaking4:20 AM
105DelhiChandigarh Transport Undertaking5:30 AM
106DelhiChandigarh Transport Undertaking6:50 AM
107DelhiChandigarh Transport Undertaking7:40 AM
108DelhiChandigarh Transport Undertaking8:40 AM
109AmritsarChandigarh Transport Undertaking5:21 AM
110AmritsarChandigarh Transport Undertaking8:21 AM
111AmritsarChandigarh Transport Undertaking12:05 PM
112AmritsarChandigarh Transport Undertaking16:05 PM
113KatraChandigarh Transport Undertaking17:50 PM
114KatraChandigarh Transport Undertaking12:00 PM
115JaipurChandigarh Transport Undertaking6:10 AM