Sounds- An Exhibition

Sounds- An Exhibition

This is an exhibition of photographs taken by five teenage photographers who are visually impaired. These talented souls picked the camera for the first time during an innovative photography workshop conducted by Padmaja and Chandan at The Society for Blinds, a small centre in Seoraphuly town of Hooghly district at West Bengal in April 2014 . They both were inspired by a blind photographer’s character in the film ‘Ship of Theseus’ which had released a year earlier. After a research about the blind photographers and their modes of communication in various parts of the world, they devised the module of workshop.

Event Details
Date:- 11 – 14 August, 2017
Day:- Friday
Timing:- 11:30 am – 7 pm
Venue:- Govt. Museum & Art Gallery Chandigarh, Sector 10 C, Chandigarh
Organised By:- Padmaja Gungun
Entry:- Free

Contrary to popular belief, blind people do visualize life around them but tools, medium and above all the belief that they can express these images, is non-existent. The images they conceive are not born of eyes but other senses like smell, touch, sound and a wise inference. The most important of these inputs is that of sound which gives them a sense of distance, direction and the place in relation to the photographed subject.

These photographs have been exhibited in Jaipur in 2016 with generous help from numerous friends and now Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh, in an effort to raise awareness towards this unusual but profound form of artistic expression, has decided to exhibit these photographs and invite the photographers too. We will be grateful if you could visit this exhibition and see as well as ‘touch’ their creations.

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